What Can/Can’t I Throw Away?

Often times we get asked what we can and cannot take in our trash trucks. We have taken the time to compile a list of items that we cannot take to the landfill. Some of these are hazardous and cannot be put in the ground, while some could damage our trash trucks, others are recycled and cannot be separated out, once in our trucks.

We are unable to take hazardous materials such as: PAINT, TIRES, ANTIFREEZE, BATTERIES, GAS, or OIL.

PLEASE NOTE – Electronics are considered hazardous. They cannot be thrown out. You can bring them to the yard where we will weigh them and recycle them for $1.00 per pound.

FYI: If you take the lids off of your paint cans and let it dry, then they can then be placed in the dumpster.

WHITE GOODS are items such as: HOT WATER HEATERS, WASHERS, DRYERS, REFRIGERATORS and FREEZERS. We are unable to take these items in the trash trucks as they are RECYCLED. Please call us at 783-3456 for drop off information.

CONCRETE, ROCKS, and BRICKS may only be taken if they are broken down to a size SMALLER than a fist. Large chunks of such items will be thrown out of the dumpster.

If you have any additional questions about what can and cannot be thrown away, then please feel free to call at 783-3456 or ask any of the driver’s when they are on your route.