How to Dispose of Hard-to-Dispose-of Items in Custer County, Colorado

Do you have items you can’t toss (at least you shouldn’t toss) into the trash or place into the recycling? Perhaps you have vehicle batteries, chemicals or other products hazardous to the environment. When living in or around Custer County, Colorado there are ways to help dispose of all these objects and items, you just need to know the best location to take, drop off or send the objects.

Vehicle Batteries

If you change out your battery, it likely still contains the battery core. This core may leak out acid and other toxic materials. Even if the battery no longer holds a charge the core will still have residue. So what should you do about this? Take the battery to your local auto parts store.

These locations recycle batteries and may even give you a small gift card for the battery. You can also take it to auto repair shops as these locations typically accept batteries as well.

The same is true if you change the fluids on your vehicle (such as your oil or coolant). Auto parts stores will accept your vehicle fluids without charge. If you have multiple fluids to take in though, contact the location before mixing anything into a single container. Many will need the fluids to be separate in order to accept.

Large Appliances

When purchasing appliances like a washing machine or hot water heater the company delivering the new appliance will often remove the old appliance. If, however, this does not happen, you can take it to the Custer County Landfill, which is located at 2250 County Road 328. There is a $10 fee for appliances and a $35 for refrigerators. You’ll need to bring it out yourself so talk with a friend who has a truck, or you can rent a truck from hardware stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s by the hour.


Is your garage collecting can after can of paint? Sure, you can keep it on hand in case you ever need a touch up, but over time the paint will go bad. Plus, do you really want to have dozens of paint cans taking up space? Whatever your reasoning, if you’re looking to rid your home of unused paint, take it into your local home improvement stores like Lowe’s. These locations accept paint free of charge. Remember to make sure the paint is stored properly before loading it up into your vehicle, and contact your local home improvement store so you know what time the paint recycling is available.


Most dumpsters and landfills will not accept electronics. When electronic devices break down they may leak chemicals into the ground, so you need to dispose of them properly.

We collect e-waste Monday – Thursday 8:00am-4:00pm. The cost is $1.00 per pound. You may also want to check into available e-recycling in Canon City and Pueblo. (Items need to be brought to the shop.)

Ink Cartridges

Like paint, toner cartridges may leak and seep into the local water supply. If you take them into a local Staples, Office Depot or OfficeMax you’ll receive a small credit off future ink toner purchases. There are also online locations you can mail the ink cartridges out to, should you find that option to be easier.

These are some of the options available to you when it comes to hard-to-dispose items in Custer County, Colorado. If you still have items not covered on this list and you’re looking for suggestions, feel free to contact the Custer County Government landfill service at 719-783-2726. Here you can talk with the service staff for more specifics regarding your hard to dispose items and what (if any) regulations are in place.

For less hard-to-dispose of items, Oak Disposal has you covered, of course! Here is a breakdown of some of our services:

Recycling Services

Oak Disposal Services works hard to meet the needs of everyone in the Wet Mountain Valley and beyond. Are you a Snow Bird? Not a problem! Do you want to share service with a friend or neighbor? No problem! Are you having a get together and don’t want to tax your septic system? We can help!

Metal Recycling: Oak Disposal Services recycles metal during listed yard hours. Fees range from $5.00-$35.00.

Cardboard can also be recycled during the above hours. Cardboard needs to be broken down.

There is no charge to recycle cardboard.

If you do not see your need listed, please do not hesitate to call us! We will do our best to provide service for you.

Residential Trash Service

We provide bi-monthly pick up in Custer County, as well as portions of Fremont County. The towns of Westcliffe and Silver Cliff are serviced on a weekly basis. We have containers ranging in size from 96 gallon toters, to 8 yard dumpsters, with a 2 yard dumpster being a standard size. A toter works well for most families. We are able to set larger containers for HOA’s or groups of people that want to share. If you do not live here year round, then we can suspend your service and resume upon your return.

Construction Services & Roll-Off Dumpsters

We offer construction dumpsters from 4-8 yards. These work well for smaller projects. We are unable to take concrete, rocks or bricks in construction dumpsters. We have roll-offs available in 15 and 30 yards. These are great for new home construction or major renovation. You can put concrete, rocks and bricks in roll-off containers.

At Oak Disposal Services, we are dedicated to providing the best in professional waste management services to not only help the residents of Wet Mountain Valley with their trash pickup needs but to the help the environment as well. Visit our website today to learn more about our residential trash pickup services and the areas that we serve. If you are more commercially minded, we also provide a wide range of dumpsters and pickup services for commercial customers, as well as roll-off dumpsters for those in the construction business. Contact us today to learn how we can help you!