Creative Ways to Camouflage Your Trash Canisters

While we love trash here at Oak Disposal, some may find the sight of it off-putting, especially if bulky canisters are taking away some of your home’s curb appeal. We get it, trash is not glamorous! However, that’s not to say that you can’t find some creative ways to make sure your cans fit in to the overall aesthetics of your home.

To keep the entire outdoor space looking clean and attractive, there are simple steps you can take to camouflage your trash.

Design a brick or stone housing

A brick or stone wall is a creative way of hiding trash canisters. You can design a small area that is surrounded by bricks using basic household tools while allowing the stone housing to be covered as protection against rain. The shade of the bricks should also complement the outdoor space to make it look less disruptive.

Use nature

Bushes offer a natural and distracting camouflage to your trash canister. You can place the can in an area of your yard that has relatively thick bushes but is still easy to access.

The bushes should surround the trash canister and reduce its visibility to passers-by. Flower bushes are an even better fit because they make the area look more natural and attractive.

Let lattice hide them

Lattice is a convenient material that you can use to construct a housing around your trash canisters. Lattice looks clean and attractive, distracting people from knowing that a trash can is actually present nearby.

You can attach lattice to wooden boards to construct a sturdy housing for the trash canister. Leave an opening where you can place a door for easy access.

Pallets are perfect

Pallets also come in handy for camouflaging a trash can. You can simply use 4 pallets to surround the trash canister and leave the top open for filling. The outside surface of the pallets can be decorated with natural colors such as green, brown, or gray. Pallets also provide a sturdy housing that keeps raccoons and other rodents away from the trash canister.

Full enclosure (with doors)

If you have a handyman around, why not make a full enclosure for your cans to fit snug inside. You’ll want doors, of course. It’ll be like a canister box with the added benefit of keeping bears at bay!

No matter how you decide to store your toters, by camouflaging them or simply keeping them neatly by your home, Oak Disposal proudly serves all your trash disposal needs.

We provide bi-monthly pick up in Custer County, as well as portions of Fremont County. The towns of Westcliffe and Silver Cliff are serviced on a weekly basis. We have containers ranging in size from 96 gallon toters, to 8 yard dumpsters, with a 2 yard dumpster being a standard size. A toter works well for most families. We are able to set larger containers for HOA’s or groups of people that want to share. If you do not live here year round, then we can suspend your service and resume upon your return.

If you would like to learn more about our residential trash pickup services or any of our other services, please contact us today. We proudly serve the residents of Wet Mountain Valley and we are certain that once you experience the convenience of our services here at Oak Disposal, you will never want to handle your own garbage removal again.