Be Safe & Have Fun! Tips for Summer Outdoor Entertaining

Grab your swimsuits and dust off the grill, it’s summer in Colorado! Is there anything better than having fun with friends and family during the warmer summer months? From outdoor cookouts to group outings, there’s always something exciting going on – not to mention all the fun we can have in the outdoor playground of our great state.

If you plan on putting on an event at the house, here are a handful of tips to not only help it run smoothly, but reduce some of the stress such an event can have on you as you prep.

Summer Outdoor Entertaining Tips

Include Plenty of Beverages

Make sure to keep plenty of beverages on hand when having an outdoor party or activity. Sure, you’ll likely want to have a few different options, but also make sure to have plenty of water. As the temperature increases so too will the possibility of dehydration. Have water on hand so guests can replenish their fluids.

If you don’t want to have a large number of plastic water bottles around the house, consider placing a large container of water in a central area. You can use anything from the large sports water coolers to more decorative options. And feel free to get fancy with the water if you like. Lemon, lime and cucumber slices go great in the water and really add a refreshing taste.

Always Wear Sunblock

People won’t always bring sunblock to an outdoor activity. They might show up, not sure how long they’ll stay, and then several hours later in the sun they are as red as a strawberry. Help prevent that by having sunblock on hand. Keep it near the water cooler with the other essentials. If you have insect problems you should also consider having bug spray on hand while also setting out mosquito repellent devices around the property to help keep all your guests comfortable.

Use Compostable Dishes

Do you really want to spend the entire next day washing dishes? If you plan on having a party of more than a few people, or a party where guests are coming in and out, you’ll have to deal with a considerable amount of dishes. Beyond this, you’ll run the risk of dishes breaking. It’s better to just avoid that all together and go with compostable dishes.

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Prevent Food Poisoning

A common summer outdoor entertaining concern is keeping food safe and consumable. Here are a few recommendations:

● Keep raw meats separated from cooked foods
● Wash all fruits and vegetables
● Wash food-prep stations and utensils well
● Cook meats thoroughly
● Keep cold foods cold (FDA recommends less than 40 F)
● Refrigerate uneaten food after one hour (if outside temperature is more than 90 F)

And, of course, keep hands clean and sanitized! If no sink is around use hand sanitizer (this is where Oaks’ waterless hand sanitizers may come in handy!)

Plenty of Trash Options

With any type of gathering comes trash. Our advice? Don’t just have the single trash can by the patio or in the kitchen. Put a few around the property. This way, guests are not forced to hold their disposables and they won’t simply let it sit on the table because they don’t know what to do with it. With several trash options spread out, it’ll actually make it easier on you and your guests. Plus, clean up is a cinch when your guests can easily help (without necessarily knowing it).

Consider Renting a Portable Toilet

Now, if you’re having a big gathering, you’ll be much better off renting a portable toilet. Do you really want dozens or more people coming into your house to use the bathroom? The cost of water usage alone (not to mention your AC running non stop because of the constantly opening doors) would more than offset the cost of renting a portable bathroom.

Plus, with every flush you run the risk of clogs, and being water wasteful – our Portable Toilets use eco-friendly chemicals and offer waterless hand sanitizers.

Life is just simpler when you can keep larger parties outside. After all, you’re having an outdoor summer event anyway. Why not keep it all there?

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Bypass Bug Bites

When you’re entertaining outdoors, you may have more guests than anticipated, in the form of bugs. Ticks, mosquitos, spiders and many more can be found in Colorado. As such, you should be prepared! Cover children with lightweight clothing or apply an insect repellent that contains DEET (proven to repel both mosquitos and ticks).
Keep in mind, all-natural repellents are not proven to protect against ticks (such as lemon eucalyptus and citronella).

Get Equipped with First-Aid Essentials

You know that mom that is always stocked with everything under the sun in case of an emergency? Be that mom! Especially if you’re hosting a gathering. Here are a few items to have on hand:

● Band-Aids
● Soap
● Antibacterial gel or foam
● Triple-antibiotic ointment
● Hydrocortisone cream
● Sterile gauze pads
● Adhesive tape
● Tweezers
● Washcloths
● Cold packs
● Infant and children’s Motrin or Tylenol
● Oral antihistamine
● Rubbing alcohol
● Digital thermometer

These are just some of the tips you need to consider when it comes to summer outdoor entertaining. Of course, the most important tip of all is to have fun. It’s so easy to become wrapped up in what everyone else is doing, making sure your guests have a good time, that you’ll take away from your own fun and enjoyment. So kick back, relax, and just enjoy the beautiful weather and wonderful company.

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